CWQ Certification

Culture In The Workplace Questionnaire ™ (CWQ) Certification Program

Why cross-culture?

There is little doubt that globalization has changed the face of business. Traditionally, people working across cultures were either business travelers going to different countries or expatriates living in countries that were not their own.

Today, the implication goes far beyond. People working across cultures are often local workforce, living in their own country and interacting virtually with people from other countries – countries they may have never visited or had any exposure to. This necessitates attention on developing the skill set needed to work with international stakeholders in a complex, cross-border, multicultural environment.

This program is for those who:

  • Are already certified trainers, coaches, and consultants looking to expand and  develop their practice in Cross-Culture
  • Are existing Cross-Cultural trainers, coaches, and consultants looking for a credible cross culture tool and framework backed by research
  • Want to become internal coaches and consultants within their organizations, and tackle cross-cultural issues as part of their career progression
  • Would like to help organizations move forward in their strategy  by utilizing the six cultural dimensions as researched by Professor Geert Hofstede

Why be certified in CWQ?

  • Based on the most extensive global research by Prof. Geert Hofstede*
  • Online tool that has been validated by 20 years of collecting customer data against Geert Hofstede’s research
  • Personalizes cross culture orientation profile to facilitate individual action
  • Establish common cross culture language and profiles to facilitate global team effectiveness
  • Enhance cross-cultural, interpersonal interactions
  • Accelerate development of a global mindset
  • Enhance productivity and drive business results
  • Recalibrate business processes and practices by considering how cross culture impacts the working environment
    * Cultures and Organizations: Software of the Mind.
    Revised and expanded 3rd Edition.

Program Brochure: English

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