About ODE


Established 19 years ago, SMG Training Systems (S) Pte Ltd was rebranded as ODE Consulting Pte. Ltd. on January 1, 2015. This rebranding marks our evolutionary journey, as we have progressively grown our services and solutions to develop and transform both individuals and organizations. ODE stands for Organization Development Excellence.

We see the following trends in organizations that demand a response from businesses if they are to be successful today:

  1. Increasing volatility of global economies
  2. Continued changing expectations of customers
  3. Increasing destabilizing competitive maneuvers
  4. Increasing complexity of extended value chains and ecosystems
  5. Changing composition of the workforce (generational differences)
  6. Increasing challenges in engaging and mobilizing employees

Our trademark methodologies and research have supported many organizations in being able to drive planned change within the context of an organizational culture.

Our Vision

Accelerate Business Results by Delivering Value as an Enabler of Change.

Our Mission

Partnering strategically with companies to deliver business results by realizing the full potential of change.

We do it by delivering cutting edge engagements with excellence.

 Experience the PASSION

For more information, visit us at www.odeconsulting.com

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