Be a Certified Coach

Coach Accreditation Program


As an IAC® licensed school, the Academy supports aspiring and certified coaches on the path to IAC Coaching Mastery in demonstrating the knowledge, skill and ethical practice of professional coaching standards by providing:

  • Rigorous program and methodology using a blended learning approach
  • Extensive practice, coaching and feedback by mentor coaches
  • Strong, international community and platform of coaches and practitioners for networking and peer learning

This Training and Certification Roadmap prepares coaches for the  International Association of Coaching®  certification leading to the following internationally recognized credentials:

  • IAC Masteries Practitioner
  • IAC Certified Masteries Coach (CMC)
  • IAC Master Masteries Coach (MMC)

Program Brochure: English

2023 In-person Program Dates (Singapore):

9-11 January 2023
8-10 February 2023
10-12 May 2023

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